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St Paul White 4.5°

From Sterkens brewery

St. Paul White is the white beer of high fermentation of Brouwerij Sterkens. It has a beautiful, light colour with a perfect, white head. With a spicy aroma of wheat, thanks to the technique of dryhopping, and striking notes of coriander and orange, the St. Paul White is an incredible thirst quencher. This sparkling wheat beer is a light and refreshing beer with a subtle, but very pleasant aftertaste.
The St. Paul White won the bronze medal in the category ‘White Beer’ at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2015.

St Paul White 4.5°

Bertinchamps B+ Blanche 5°

This Bertinchamps blanche is very cloudy pale yellow beer, big solid creamy white head, pretty stable, adhesive. Smell is typical witbier. Aroma is orange, wheat and yeast, along with herbal and citric notes. Has a strong taste with medium sweetness and light lemony sourness. Quite fizzy and very refreshing. Light-bodied. Overall, a delicious wheat beer. Quite a classic.

Bertinchamps B+ Blanche 5°


Bertinchamps B+ Blanche

Netebuk Wheat 6°


From Gulden Spoor brewery.

Hazy, golden colour with a medium-sized and slightly off-white foamy head. Moderately yeasty, fruit-accented aroma of citrus and lemon-peel with a mildly wheat-malty touch, spices and flowery notes. Sweet and slightly sour flavour, medium to light bodied with a spritzy carbonation. Solid malty and wheaty base with yeasty and spicy notes, fruity accents of citrus and peels; sweet and slightly sour-fruity finish, moderately spicy with flowery notes.
Rather a sweet Belgian ale.


Brewery Golden spur!

As the son of the owners of the restaurant ’t Rusteel I grew up in the entire history of beer making and I graduated as Biotechnologist. I am responsible for brewing, fermentation, bottling etc. Since we’re not a mass brewery I can keep control both the paperwork and complete process of our beers. Not forgetting to taste from time to time!

Since 2014 I took the name as a full-time brewmaster and by that it was again time for improvements. Beside restaurant ’t Rusteel a piece of land got free and we saw this as an opportunity to bring the experience of food & drinks together. The plant moved to the completely new building adapted to our needs.

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Our New Beer: Blanche de Brabant

Our New Beer: Blanche de Brabant

This beer is brewed with the most noble ingredients amongst which wheat, typical for the best Belgian white beers. Very light yellow white coloured beer with almost no carbonation. Herby wheat coriander herby rather heavy aroma.. Yellow pale with a thin white head. Spicy and lemon aroma. Easy to drink and really refreshing, A good beer for summer or for an happy hour.


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196- Pater Lieven Wit beer – Van Den Bossche Brewery

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Hazy golden colour with a big white head. Yeasty citrus aroma and a sweet taste. Medium body and a sweet finish.