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Waterloo Strong Kriek 8°

Waterloo Strong Kriek 8°

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Waterloo Strong Kriek is the new Belgian craft beer designed on the Waterloo battlefield. The perfect blend between a top-fermentation beer and a typical cherry Lambic: a unique brew, a well-balanced fruity taste with a strong character.


Waterloo Cuvée Impériale 9.4°

Waterloo Cuvée Impériale 9.4°

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This beer’s presence is a noticeable result of a powerful nose that initially imposes its authority, followed by an equally imposing tinged flavor of nobility with a very stylish character. Languid, velvety tones accumulate, with natural roasted malts. There is a definitive, generous largesse to the beer’s sweetness, from real cane sugar, with a dark ruby majestic aftertaste. Its status ranks well above beers in its category.