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ALFRED 7.8° – 1/3L

ALFRED is a high fermented blond, golden yellow beer, brewed with hop and malt from Belgian origin.
It has a light fruity aroma, a subtile malty taste and a pronounced hoppy character.
Served between 6° and 10° C the hop aromas are very well liberated.
ALFRED can be drunk to queuch your thirst, as a refreshing appetizer, to accompany your meals or as a digester.
Exactly 125 years ago in Zulte Alfred Versele, in collaboration with Ernest Martens – father of the playwright Gaston Martens – began a brewery, which will later be named Anglo-Belge. The same Alfred bought in 1920 the Te Lake Castle.
As tribute to a visionary brewer and especially as an purebred and innovative entrepreneur a new beer was launched. The new regional product “ALFRED“ is a yellow gold ale of high fermentation, brewed with malt and hops of Belgian origin.