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Tripel LeFort 8.8° – 1/3L

Brewed at Omer Vander Ginste brewery, Tripel LeFort is a golden blonde beer of 8.8% ABV and sets itself apart through its crisp, fruity aroma and beautifully rounded full flavour. The top-fermenting yeast used for Tripel LeFort results in a beer with vanilla-clove aromas as well as a fruity taste of bananas and red apples. Pleasant hints of citrus, lime and roses make this into a balanced beer that is intriguingly complex at the same time.

A beer with body… the full flavour combined with the alcohol give you a warm feeling that slowly eases away.

World Beer Cup

At the World Beer Cup 8.234 beers from 66 different countries were tasted in 101 categories. The beers were tasted during 6 sessions by an elite panel of 295 judges from 33 countries.

Tripel LeFort was awarded with a golden medal in the category Belgian Style Tripel. A renovated category with a lot of big names.

For the team of Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste the prize is the ultimate reward for the beer that was launched in 2016

Tripel LeFort 8.8° – 1/3L

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Bockor Brasserie LeFort 8.5°

Bockor Brasserie LeFort 8.5°

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Established 1854. By Felix Verscheure, greatgrandfather of Omer Vander Ghinste, in Kortrijk. Brasserie LeFort became part of the Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste in 1911. LeFort is a dark, complex ale with an intense taste. Refermented in the bottle. Nice reddish brown with big foamy head. Smells of red fruit and some mint.Aroma of dark fruits, figs, plums, some berries, nuts, alcohol. Nice taste, malty with dark fruits, caramel, toasted, some nuts, the alcohol also notable giving a warming feeling, some spices. Medium thick body, good and notable carbonation.Would go great with a meat dish. A winter delight. Demends time. And a conversation.