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Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

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Enjoy a delicious now Grimbergen Spring. Specially brewed in honor of the season when all that lives, lives again. Grimbergen Spring is enriched with aromatic hops, which gives it its refined bitterness and hop character. A sublime beer, fresh and sparkling, perfect to celebrate the return of spring.


The Beer of The Week: Leffe Rituel 9°

The Beer of The Week: Leffe Rituel 9°

An amber coloured beer with a small tan coloured head. The aroma is typical Belgian Strong: good yeast and some lemony hoppy notes. Aroma is a bit flowery, firm and sweet. The taste has good strong alcohol and is fairly sweet. Good yeastiness and spicy hoppiness. It is the ideal beer for a feeling of sheer voluptuousness.

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