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La Cantinière 5.5

La Cantinière 5.5°
Brewed to celebrate the 200 years of walking Daussois and pay tribute to the walkers between the Sambre and Meuse, La Cantinière is not a simple blond … Refreshing, halfway between Pils high quality and abbey beer, La Cantinière characterized by its fruitiness and bitterness on the finish.

La Montoise Trinite 9° – 1/3L

La Montoise Trinite 9° – 1/3L

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Brewed for “Mons 2015: European Capital of Culture” .

Pours a nice, hazy pale golden color. Aroma is predominantly lemon with a hint of coriander . Perfect balanced bitterness and sour/sweetness. Medium body. Easy drinkable.