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Brewed by La Binchoise brewery, this beer is a Belgian special beer, amber, refermented in bottle, to which a dry hopping brings a wind of freshness and modernity.
Clear amber colour with a fine head and a correct lacing, floral hoppiness with notes of caramel, medium-bodied, fine bitterness, the finish is quite dry, moderately malty with reminiscence of caramel – fresh and subtle Orange to pale in color. Little to no head. Low carbonation. Aroma is slightly citric and phonelic hinting at roasted malts. Light body, roasty and citric flavor. Clean finish, dry with little aftertaste.

La Cantinière 5.5

From La Binchoise.

Brewed to celebrate the 200 years of walking Daussois and pay tribute to the walkers between the Sambre and Meuse, La Cantinière is not a simple blond … Refreshing, halfway between Pils high quality and abbey beer, La Cantinière characterized by its fruitiness and bitterness on the finish.

La Cantinière 5.5

La Montoise Trinite 9°

From La Binchouse brewery.

Brewed for “Mons 2015: European Capital of Culture” .

Pours a nice, hazy pale golden color. Aroma is predominantly lemon with a hint of coriander . Perfect balanced bitterness and sour/sweetness. Medium body. Easy drinkable.

La Montoise Trinite 9° – 1/3L

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La Montoise Trinite 9°