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Ter Dolen Armand 7°

Ter Dolen Armand 7°

A fruity blond beer with an explosion of citrus, resulting from dry-hopping with the American hops breed Cascade. In order to maintain the hoppy aroma as much as possible, the beer isn’t filtered. It is slightly cloudy and has a snow white head. It is served in a robust, accompanying glass. At the first international Belgian beer contest, the Brussels Beer Challenge, Armand Ter Dolen won a gold medal. The beer was created in honour of Ter Dolen’s co-founder Armand Desplenter, the father of current director Mieke Desplenter.
Hazy golden color, with nice white head. Aroma nice american hops, fruity. Medium body. Taste good fruits from the American hop, nice bitterness, dry end. Recommended.

Kasteel Winter 11°

Kasteel Winter 11°

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A very dark brown colour on the body, with deep red ruby shades once hold against the light.
Very sweet aroma with sweet liquorice, plums and sherry. Sweet bread, liquorice, dark fruits and sherry in the flavor. Chocolate and coffee too.
The alcohol gives this a nice warmth.
A nice warming beer for winter


The Beer of The Week: Kasteel Rouge 8°

The Beer of The Week: Kasteel Rouge 8°

Black cherry colored body with moderate carbonation and a tight, soft champagne-like head with a pinkish-brownish tone like a red tide. Aroma and flavor are of plump, overripe cherries and black cherries. Hints of chocolate and caramel as well. Mild residual sweetness. Complexities of the fruit really come out here. This is a great fruit beer. Anyone who doesn’t like fruit beers needs to check with this one. 

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