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Bersalis Sourblend 6°

Bersalis Sourblend 6°

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the revival of the Oud Beersel Brewery, the brewmaster transposed his blending skills on blending “Ale” with “Lambic” to create Bersalis Sourblend, a beer that will conquer the hearts of people that yet need to fall in love with the traditional Lambic beers.
Bersalis Sourblend is a refreshing sour blonde ale with the malty character of a Belgian blonde ale and the complex aromas of traditional Lambic. The lactic fermentation of the Lambic adds a gently sour touch to the beer, making the beer very refreshing while still having the main body of a top fermented beer. The Brettanomyces originating from the Lambic contribute further to the profoundness of this mixed fermented sour ale.

Haacht Super 8 IPA 6° Hop!

Haacht Super 8 IPA 6° Hop!

A new IPA! IPA is the abbreviation for the India Pale Ale beer category: amber-coloured beers with more hops, a higher alcohol content and a bitter flavour. Think you already know what our IPA is going to taste like? Then think again! Because the SUPER 8 IPA is a new, refreshing interpretation of this style of beer.
Hop! In balance
Most IPAs combine a large quantity of hops with a high alcohol content. With its 6% alcohol volume and wonderful citrus and grapefruit notes, the SUPER 8 IPA is even more refined and balanced. This means that you get all the characteristics of the style, without these being taken too far.
ABV: 6%

Trappist Spencer India Pale Ale 7.2°

Trappist Spencer India Pale Ale 7.2°

Golden yellow with slight chill haze white head and lotsa lace. Lemony grapefruit tangerine aroma with a touch of grassiness. Apricot sweetness with a touch of cereal grains and lightly toasted nuttiness with assertive but not astringent grapefruit rind bitterness that lingers just enough. Medium nicely attenuated body with lively carbo to accentuate hops.

NovaBirra Holy IPA 6.5°

NovaBirra Holy IPA 6.5°

HOLY IPA is an American-style IPA brewed from Pilsner, Vienna, Cara
and Wheat malts. Chinook and Mosaic hops are used in the kettle. Dry-hopping with Chinook and Mosaic produce great aromas with
citrus and exotic fruits notes.

Gulden Spoor Ipa 7°

Gulden Spoor Ipa 7°
GULDEN SPOOR IPA is a tall blond beer with a firm and clear head.
By using a wide range of Belgian hops this craft India Pale Ale is nothing less than a true leader in its class.
The alcohol content of the beer enhances the intensity of the pronounced hoppiness which gives an open palette of strong bitter tastes to soft fruity touches. The aroma has a round hoppiness ranging from fruity mango and citrus to spiciness with a peppery touch.
Gulden Spoor IPA therefore lends itself perfectly to culinary combinations with both meat and fish.
sushi with wasabi, red Thai curry with fish
tagine of chicken, spicy steak tartare
fish and chips
Tsaziki, Gruyère

L’Arogante 7.2°

L’Arogante 7.2°

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C’est moi la plus belge – I’m the most Belgian

Clear golden beer, creamy frothy white head, pretty stable, adhesive, leaving a nice lacing in the glass. Good level of hoppiness not found in many Belgian beers. Aroma is elegant, delicately expressive and super refined. In the nose, nice hints of blossoms, spring flowers, fine and faint hints of crisp citrus and touches of pale malts. Perfect balanced bitterness and sour/sweetness.Great one.


De La Senne Brusseleir Zwet Ipa 8°

De La Senne Brusseleir Zwet Ipa 8°

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Pours a translucent orange amber with a creamy off white head. Extremely lively beer, not just in the pour but throughout. Deep dark brown with a lasting head, it’s got the palate of a fizzy blonde. The aroma is very understated, with mild funk. While one expects a very rich dark fruit and spice profile from a Belgian winter, this one strikes me as almost a cross between Dupont’s Avec des Bon Voeux and a slightly tart Belgian black. The flavor is never allowed to move beyond fruity due to the high hop factor. The finish is bittered well yet balanced. Balance is it’s best attribute. Equinox inherently wants to go fruitbomb but the strict hop bittering wont let it. A superb brew with a refined disposition. Highly recommended.