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Gulden Spoor Ipa 7°

Gulden Spoor Ipa 7°
GULDEN SPOOR IPA is a tall blond beer with a firm and clear head.
By using a wide range of Belgian hops this craft India Pale Ale is nothing less than a true leader in its class.
The alcohol content of the beer enhances the intensity of the pronounced hoppiness which gives an open palette of strong bitter tastes to soft fruity touches. The aroma has a round hoppiness ranging from fruity mango and citrus to spiciness with a peppery touch.
Gulden Spoor IPA therefore lends itself perfectly to culinary combinations with both meat and fish.
sushi with wasabi, red Thai curry with fish
tagine of chicken, spicy steak tartare
fish and chips
Tsaziki, Gruyère

Gulden Draak The Brewmasters Edition 10,5°

Gulden Draak The Brewmasters Edition 10,5°

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The Gulden Draak Brewmasters Edition is a tribute to Jozef Van Steenberge and the 230th birthday of the brewery. This exclusive Gulden Draak combines the technology and the craftsmenship of the traditional brewing process. By letting the beer mature on whiskey barrels it gives it a distinctive and gental finish that you have never tasted before.

Pours cloudy amber orange with a fluffy white head. Aroma is a sweet fruity and quad-like, though with a touch of wood and whiskey-booze that make it less sharp. A dull, sweet flavor with light wood and whiskey character…slightly boozy and quite smooth. Very good. Pretty fresh and lively.