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Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

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Enjoy a delicious now Grimbergen Spring. Specially brewed in honor of the season when all that lives, lives again. Grimbergen Spring is enriched with aromatic hops, which gives it its refined bitterness and hop character. A sublime beer, fresh and sparkling, perfect to celebrate the return of spring.


Grimbergen Rouge 6°

Grimbergen Rouge 6°

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Grimbergen Rouge combines the flavors of sweet strawberry, cranberry and elderberry with the spicy notes of an authentic abbey beer. Its ruby color and creamy pinky foam renew the traditional abbey beer. Pours a dark red colour with a thin head, The aroma has notes of raspberries, malt, and wheat. The flavor is sweet with notes of rasberries, malt, hay, and a bit of wheat. Goes into a mild fruity sweetish finish with lots of berries. Very refreshing!


The Beer of The Week: Grimbergen Triple 9°

The Beer of The Week: Grimbergen Triple 9°

Hazy golden color with a big white head. Spicy lemon, cookie dough, riesling, cream, pie crust, leather, herbal/spicy hops. Smells like some sort of spiced lemon pie. Moderately-heavy sweet, moderately acidic, lightly bitter flavor. Taste is a tripel but with a sweet kick up the ass. Sweet but not cloying. The smoothness masks how strong this beer is. Alcohol is very well hidden, but shows a little in the finish. Very tasty beer.

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Grimbergen Blanche d’Eté – NEW – 149-2014

Grimbergen Blanche d’été = Grimbergen Zomer Wit = Grimbergen SUmmer White.

Belgian wheat beer. Spicy/fruity and slightly floral/sweet, easy to drink, balanced, cloudy, good head.


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