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Kastaar 5.5°

Kastaar 5.5°

« Kastaar is an authentic beer, balancing on a harmony of taste and colour, between pale and dark, between sweet and bitter and spirited, subtile and complex. The ideal refreshment because of his lower alcohol content and his fruity taste and flavour. A real K-Star from our scale, a strong fellow (meaning of Kastaar)full of allurement and very charming, with his specific Kastaarglass it has brought us a lot of pleasure during serveral decennia.
Colour : balancing between dark and pale
Taste Description : fruity-fresh with a trace of young herbs and beeryeast and a touch of coriander. Technical description :
Alcohol : 5,5 vol.%,
Degrees Plato : 13 PL°
Serving temperature : between 5° – 8°C
Type : high fermentation brew with refermentation in the bottle »

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Golden (as the name says) and very well carbonated with some head retention. The nose is a bit tight, but eventually there are creamy and pale malt aromas. The taste is much bigger with lemon tart and vanilla custard being prominent. The palate has a very large structure, a creamy texture and a refreshing finish. Overall, this is a big but well balanced beer. …..

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