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Liefmans Yell’oh On The Rocks 3.8°

Liefmans Yell’oh On The Rocks 3.8°

Yell’oh on the rocks is the next big thing! A refreshing apero beer that’s a little out of the box but full to the brim with extra fruity bite.
Prepare to be dazzled by its exotic mix of lime, apple, elderflower, basil and pineapple.
And for truly irresistible refreshment? Try serving it on the rocks! In its own stylish but playful Liefmans glass of course, where this sparkling apero beer really comes into its own.

The Beer of The Week: Liefmans Fruitesse 3,5°

The Beer of The Week: Liefmans Fruitesse 3,5°

A very complex fruit beer matured on cherries with the addition of extra berry flavours. Lovely deep red colour and rich fruity aroma. Pours a deeper red than average, looking like raspberry punch with lots of bubbles hanging at the bottom. Taste has a certain dryness and bitterness which helps give this a more mature stance than the average fruit beer. Refreshing and just mildly tarty mouthfeel. Sweet cherry taste, but not too killer sweet. Very nice.

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