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Dominus Double/Dubbel 6.5° -1/3L

Dominus Double/Dubbel 6.5° -1/3L

It pours a hazy, brown reddish liquid with high roasted amber-beige head. The aroma reminds of wild dark fruits, a little caramel, a hint of yeast, and nice roasted malt. It tastes accordingly to the aroma, but a little watery. As to the body, here the portwine-image, as well as the comparison to La Trappe dubbel fails: way too thin, nearly watery. Very decently aged beer with very good balance . Pretty solid but still fairly standard, flavourful dubbel. Nice surprise.

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Dominus Triple Blond 8°

Dominus Triple Blond 8°

An abbey beer in the purest monastic tradition. Blessed with the knowhow of the monks, this triple with its dominant bitter character develops an exotic sweetness that recalls the sugars of pale green sultana raisins. Subtle in taste, it features an undertone of bitterness that is dry and yet fruity too. Poured a golden to light copper with a fluffy white head. Aroma is fruit. Taste is very fruity and warm alcohol.


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