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De Brabandere Wild Quadrupel 10,5° – 1/3L

Brewed at the De Brabandere brewery the « Brewmaster’s Selection » Wild Quadrupel is a one of a kind dark and complex beer. This beer is made from 5 different malts and 1 peeled and roasted barley blended with pure foederbeer. Adding the sour beer to the full bodied quadruple, makes this beer very accessible with a touch a fruity aromas.
Very dark, reddish brown topped by a stable and creamy beige head. Interesting nose and taste: roasted malty, stout-ish cacao and espresso notes dominantly meet with some cherry, funky acidity. Good body and lingering aftertaste, medium-high carbonation.

De Brabandere Wild Quadrupel 10,5° – 1/3L


187- Petrus Aged Pale – Bavik De Brabandere Brewery

From Bavik brewery.

Petrus Aged Pale

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Petrus Aged Pale is honeyed lemon. Thick and sticky white foam. Attractive aroma of lemon rind, brett, and rose petals. Deeper swirls brings out sweetish malts and rich toasted oak. Soft but creamy carbonation. Iron comes and goes, with continual acidity and a restrained brett flare. Finishes slightly moist and sweet with a gorgeously harmonic culmination of oak and toasted malt hulls. Absolutely amazing.

Petrus Aged Pale - Bavik De Brabandere Brewery

Petrus Aged Pale – Bavik De Brabandere Brewery

194- Petrus Dubbel Bruin beer – Bavik De Brabandere

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Petrus Double Brown Ale is a top-fermented dark beer. Brewed with pure spring water and carefully selected hops and malts. The dark beer with its subtle and slightly caramelized flavour is preferably served cool.