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Waterloo Récolte Hiver 6°


From John Martin brewery

Produced at Mont-Saint-Jean farm, in limited quantities, the new Récolte Hiver beer has enriched the Waterloo range. This farmhouse beer is a real local product – like its big sister, the Waterloo Récolte. Fresh and elegant, this brown ale is light and hoppy. Brown sugar and roasted malt gives it a dark colour and very nice caramelized end notes on the pallate. This is an outstanding craft beer, as refreshing as it is surprising in its similarity to the famous beer drunk by the English soldiers in 1815 during the famous battle. A real achievement in brewing …. and history!

Waterloo Récolte Hiver

Brasserie De La Taupe Brewer’s Desire 7.5°

As the name says, Brewer’s Desire is the beer that the master brewer has dreamed of brewing for a long time, a nectar of the greatest rarity…
This 100% malt beer (pale malt and lightly roasted malt) is brewed with aged hops and boiled for an extended period of time. Different yeasts from the Pajottenland region, that have been isolated and then cultivated, are added to the cooling vessel. The famous Brettanomyces enter also into action, and do their secret & mysterious work.
This unique brew is allowed to mature for 2 years in oak barrels before being bottled, unfiltered, to undergo a final secondary fermentation with the same yeast. A single precious batch has been produced, to be shared among demanding connoisseurs.
Willem Van Herreweghen, master brewer, and Anthony Martin are delighted to present the result of this work and their passion.
This beer received a Gold medal in the prestigious Brussels Beer Challenge 2016.

Brasserie De La Taupe Brewer’s Desire

Fantôme Magic Ghost 8°


From Fantome Brewery

Hazy grass green beer! Good white head. Light crisp palate, semi dry. Very light and pleasant sourness come sherbet. Light pale malt with a pinch of spice. Nice light touch of green tea! Trace of lemon – lime in the semi dry finish. Highly unusual and refreshing and tasty.
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Fantôme Magic Ghost

Sainte Hélène Black Mamba 4.3°

From Sainte Hélène brewery.

English style stout, hopped with Citra and Simcoe. Called Citra Stout before it got the definitive name.
Very dark brown beer, small creamy beige head, stable, pretty adhesive. Has a dark roast aroma with some burnt sugar and definite citrus poking through. Nice flavor if slightly thin. Lightly sweet with some roast, light plastic, burnt cocoa, and some burnt citrus rind. Medium bodied with fine to average carbonation. Burnt roast malt finish, with some wood, scorched earth, cocoa, mild citrus and grass. Easy drinker, lots of flavor. Good stuff.

Sainte Hélène Black Mamba 4.3°

Het Nest Four Aces Barley Wine 9°

From Het Nest brewery.

Little hazy amber to orange beer, creamy irregular solid yellow head, adhesive, leaving a nice lacing in the glass. Aroma is malt, caramel, ripe citrus, orange, candied fruits, dried stone fruits, fruity hops, touch of pine, mild syrupy. Flavour is sweet and moderate to medium bitter. Body is medium. Good balance between fruity hops, dried stone fruits and sweet malty caramel. Bit syrupy, orange, candied. Very nice.

Het Nest Four Aces Barley Wine 9°

De Dochter van de Korenaar Sans Pardon 11°

 Very dark brown to black color, medium to full sized a bit creamy light brown head that lasts forever and leaves fair to good lacing. Smell: roasted malt, coffee notes and small chocolate finish. Taste: the palate is nice for 11 ABV the beer is not so oily and quiet easy drinkable(if you like the style). Good density on mouth not so oily and not so watery. Good caramel and roasted malt taste. Aftertaste: roasted malt and coffee notes. A very nice beer, for sure.

De Dochter van de Korenaar Sans Pardon 11°

Airborne Blond 9°

From Bouillon Brewery.

Bastogne Airborne Blond 9° – 1/3L
Traditional blond beer, unfiltered, re-fermented in bottle. It is based on a recipe from the « Brasserie Lamborelle ».
A blond beer of 9% with a beautiful golden brilliance second-fermented in the bottle. It is characterised by a creamy white head., compact, with aromas of barley and hops, a prolonged bitterness and well balanced. Its taste continues to develop and becomes rounder and more mature with time.
An exceptional beer must have an exceptional glass …but not in that case. No glass, but the famous “Airborne Helmet”!!!
Taste this beer and you are won over straight away.

Airborne Blond 9°

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Bastogne Airborne Blond 9° – 1/3L