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167- Straffe Hendrik Tripel beer – De Halve Maan Brewery

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Straffe Hendrik is a Bitter Tripel Ale of 9% abv. The beer was originally from Bruges and brewed in Bruges by brewery De Halve Maan.

In 1981, Henri Maes and his daughter Véronique followed the demand of the mayor and created a strong blond beer for the inaugration of the statue of Sint-Arnoldus, the saint of all beer-brewers. However, the beer became so popular, that the demand fot the beer continued. It was given the name of Straffe Hendrik (Strong Hendrick), since it was a rich and strong beer.

Today, Straffe Hendrik is the last authentic Tripel Ale of Bruges.


GOLD, European Beer Star, Belgian Style tripel, 2009 (more info)
SILVER, Australian International Beer Awards, Abbey Style, dubbel and tripel, 2009
SILVER, Australian International Beer Awards, Abbey Style, dubbel and tripel, 2010
BRONZE, Australian International Beer Awards, Abbey Style, dubbel and tripel, 2011
DOUBLE GOLD, Beer International Recognition Awards, Ales, 2011 (for SH tripel & quadrupel) (more info)
GOLD, European Beer Star, Belgian Style Tripel, 2011 (for SH tripel) (more info)
SILVER, Australian International Beer Award, Best Belgian & French Style Ales – Abbey Tripel Packaged, 2012.

168- Het Kapittel Watou Blond beer – Van Eecke Brewery

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Just as abbeys try to strengthen their communities by attracting new young monks, brewery Van Eecke introduced this blond Kapittel to answer the big demand for paler beers. This 2010 Gold medal awarded blond Abbey-beer has a surprising smooth finish, is easy to drink with its 6.5 % alcohol volume. Although some may call this beer a “strong Belgian blond”, you’ll discover a lightly sour-sweet yeasty fruit on a par with mildly sweet pale malts and a refreshing flow of really fragrant, springy flower blossoms, orangey-citric fruity hops with a mildly mineral, chewy bitterness. The finishing undertone is a tad zesty or slightly tangy to render a intriguing contrast with the smooth flowery aftertaste, light on the carbonation, just sufficient to render a refreshing palate, against a medium body and moderate flavor profile.

169- Ciney Blond beer – Alken-Maes Brewery

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Sweet & citrusy. Yeasty & hay. Sour cherry hops. Sugar. Golden amber clear with light lacing white head. Medium body & light carb. Feathery. Papery & bit of metal. Light sweetness, sugar & citrus. Hops gives bitter end. Kind of watery but pleasant.

170- Loterbol Bruin beer – Brouwerij Loterbol

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A darker, slightly sweeter beer than its blond counterpart, Loterbol Bruin is a delicious strong Belgian ale, brewed in tiny batches at Belgium’s smallest brewery. Highly drinkable, even at 8% alcohol, this beer lives up to its name, which translates roughly to ’prankster.’ Unlike most Belgian beers of this strength, Loterbol Bruin is not loaded with candi sugar. It does not want for malty sweetness, but it is superbly balanced with enough hops to stand up to the high alcohol.

171- Lindemans Kriek beer – Lindemans Brewery

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Fluffy pink-white head sits delicately on top of turbulent rose coloured beer, almost champagne like in appearance. Strong smell of cherries. Huge cherry nose, more sour than sweet. Rather dry finish. Very refreshing.


Lindemans Kriek, considered one of 5 best beers in the world by Michael Jackson DOUBLE GOLD, BIRA, Fruit Beers, 2011, for Lindemans Kriek.

BELGIUM GRAND AWARD, BIRA, Fruit Beers, 2011, for Lindemans Kriek.

172- Fantome Saison beer – Fantome Brewery

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This is a tremendously delicious, textural, and fizzy county ale, bright gold colour, citric and sour, reminiscent of a good champagne or lambic but in a class all its own. Fantôme – Golden ale, 8% alc. by volume, with a wonderfully musty and characterful aroma. There are many drinkers out there who believe this is the “Nectar of the Gods.” Certainly no other brewer makes beer like this, in Belgium or anywhere. How many beers of 8% plus offer such fresh fruitiness? A solid Belgian saison beer at its base, with an unusual overlay of fruitiness.

173- Mort Subite Kriek beer – Alken Maes Brewery

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Meaning « sudden death » but these lambics are far from strong. Rather they are sparkly refreshing aperitives. This one is cherry flavoured.