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Liefmans Goudenband BA, from Liefmans ( Moortgat) brewery is the original red brown Liefmans Goudenband beer, barrel aged for 40 weeks in California Pinot Noir barrels. The complex, sour and balanced tastes makes this beer unique.
Liefmans Goudenband is one of the most distinctive dark beers in the world. Originally called IJzerenband (Iron Band) – a reference to the iron bands around the beer barrels – the bottle gained its champagne cork when it was renamed Liefmans Goudenband (Gold Band). Made in open vats with beer of mixed fermentation, it is left to mature for four to 12 months in the cellar. Mature beer is then fortified with younger beer, so the fermentation process starts up again.
Liefmans Goudenband is a beer for storing, and just keeps improving over the years like a fine wine. Even after ten years, this dark red beer tastes as fresh as ever. You’ll immediately pick up on the wonderful aromas of caramel, apple, rhubarb, cherries and malt. On the taste buds you will find hints of apple and cherries, combined with woody notes, while the aftertaste hints at nuts and dried raisins. The mildly acidic taste make this beer a perfect match for blue cheese.

Pure Blonde by Jupiler 3.1° – 1/4L

PURE BLONDE by Jupiler has an extended brewing process, which means more carbs are consumed. The final result is a delicious Belgian pilsner, more refreshing and with 50% fewer calories than the average Belgian pils.

PURE BLONDE is a typical Belgian pils with a slightly hoppy taste. Due to the low amount of sugars, PURE BLONDE has a very mild taste which makes it wonderfully refreshing from first to last drop.

Ingrédients : eau, malt d’orge, maïs, sucre, houblon, extrait d’houblon.


Pure Blonde by Jupiler 3.1° – 1/4L

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Tripel LeFort 8.8° – 1/3L

Brewed at Omer Vander Ginste brewery, Tripel LeFort is a golden blonde beer of 8.8% ABV and sets itself apart through its crisp, fruity aroma and beautifully rounded full flavour. The top-fermenting yeast used for Tripel LeFort results in a beer with vanilla-clove aromas as well as a fruity taste of bananas and red apples. Pleasant hints of citrus, lime and roses make this into a balanced beer that is intriguingly complex at the same time.

A beer with body… the full flavour combined with the alcohol give you a warm feeling that slowly eases away.

World Beer Cup

At the World Beer Cup 8.234 beers from 66 different countries were tasted in 101 categories. The beers were tasted during 6 sessions by an elite panel of 295 judges from 33 countries.

Tripel LeFort was awarded with a golden medal in the category Belgian Style Tripel. A renovated category with a lot of big names.

For the team of Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste the prize is the ultimate reward for the beer that was launched in 2016

Tripel LeFort 8.8° – 1/3L

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De Brabandere Wild Quadrupel 10,5° – 1/3L

Brewed at the De Brabandere brewery the « Brewmaster’s Selection » Wild Quadrupel is a one of a kind dark and complex beer. This beer is made from 5 different malts and 1 peeled and roasted barley blended with pure foederbeer. Adding the sour beer to the full bodied quadruple, makes this beer very accessible with a touch a fruity aromas.
Very dark, reddish brown topped by a stable and creamy beige head. Interesting nose and taste: roasted malty, stout-ish cacao and espresso notes dominantly meet with some cherry, funky acidity. Good body and lingering aftertaste, medium-high carbonation.

De Brabandere Wild Quadrupel 10,5° – 1/3L


Delirium Tremens 5L IPS Keg

The most successful product of the brewery Huyghe in a 5L keg! Delirium Tremens is made of 3 different Belgian kinds of yeast. Huyghe Brewery has been in the business for 350 years and its benchmark beer is no less than this excellent one. It has conquered the whole world in less than 10 years thanks to its famous emblem: the elephant.
In the glass, Delirium Tremens pours a golden and slightly cloudy colour topped by a white head. It releases fruity and spicy aromas enhanced by a hint of alcohol. Scents of clove, pepper and coriander precede an odour of alcohol that warms up our nose; just before apple and citrus fruits aromas release their power. In the mouth, it starts with a spicy impression and flavours reminiscent of wheat beers.
Then only strike the herbaceous flavours of hops and fruity flavours of malt. The alcohol is sensed during the whole tasting, but its presence is more noticeable at the back of the mouth along with a slight acidity
Enjoy this tasty beer to the fullest by serving it in its Delirium beer glass!

Delirium Tremens 5L IPS Keg

Tonneke 5°


Brewed at Contreras brewery, Tonneke 5° is a orange amber beer with top fermentation, without secondary fermentation in the bottle or keg. It is a typial Belgian Ale . The beer was already brewed in 1818. Hazy pale amber; slim cream-coloured head, fast gone. Slightly roasted & caramalt nose; bit herbal finish. Again a fresh, grainy & herbal taste on top of sweet & light roasted malts. Biscuit finish. Quite carbonated, the little head notwithstanding. Very refreshing. Nice, refreshing ale.

Tonneke 5°

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Tonneke 5°


ALFRED 7.8° – 1/3L

ALFRED is a high fermented blond, golden yellow beer, brewed with hop and malt from Belgian origin.
It has a light fruity aroma, a subtile malty taste and a pronounced hoppy character.
Served between 6° and 10° C the hop aromas are very well liberated.
ALFRED can be drunk to queuch your thirst, as a refreshing appetizer, to accompany your meals or as a digester.
Exactly 125 years ago in Zulte Alfred Versele, in collaboration with Ernest Martens – father of the playwright Gaston Martens – began a brewery, which will later be named Anglo-Belge. The same Alfred bought in 1920 the Te Lake Castle.
As tribute to a visionary brewer and especially as an purebred and innovative entrepreneur a new beer was launched. The new regional product “ALFRED“ is a yellow gold ale of high fermentation, brewed with malt and hops of Belgian origin.




Brewed by Anders brewery.

The first beer created by Brussels Beer Project, elected by more than 850 Brussels’ locals in the summer of 2013, beating 3 competeting prototypes (Alpha, Beta and Gamma). The Delta takes you on a tropical journey through Brussel with its notes of lychee, passion fruit before it strikes you with its refreshing bitterness and indefinite thirst-quenching ability.

Pours slightly hazy golden with a white head. Aroma of fresh bread,lemon,pine resin & banana . Taste s hop forward mango,dankness onion,garlic,orange with some fresh bread & banana & nice bitterness. Light bodied ,well carbonated th finish has more mango ,citrus,pine,banana ,bread with a nice bitterness & some slight stickiness from the hops . This is a really good Belgian new world style IPA. Well made !


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Brewed by La Binchoise brewery, this beer is a Belgian special beer, amber, refermented in bottle, to which a dry hopping brings a wind of freshness and modernity.
Clear amber colour with a fine head and a correct lacing, floral hoppiness with notes of caramel, medium-bodied, fine bitterness, the finish is quite dry, moderately malty with reminiscence of caramel – fresh and subtle Orange to pale in color. Little to no head. Low carbonation. Aroma is slightly citric and phonelic hinting at roasted malts. Light body, roasty and citric flavor. Clean finish, dry with little aftertaste.

Verhaeghe Barbe Noël 10°

Christmas is fast approaching and winter beers are coming into their own. The Verhaeghe Brewery is also releasing a beer called ‘Barbe Noël’ (Christmas beard), which undergoes primary fermentation in cylindrical conical tanks for fourteen days, then secondary fermentation, until 10% alcohol is reached.
Poured into a glass, it reveals a golden-blond hue with a white head where aromas of spice, coriander, caramel, wood, yeast and fruit prevail. The palate has sweet and bitter flavours of malt, caramel, fruit, yeast and hops. The body is oily in texture and carbonation is low, giving a bitter, spiced finish.

Verhaeghe Barbe Noë