Waterloo Strong Kriek 8°


From John Martin brewery.

Waterloo Strong Kriek. This beer is the new Belgian craft beer designed on the Waterloo battlefield. The perfect blend between a top-fermentation beer and … A typical cherry Lambic: a unique brew, a well-balanced fruity taste with a strong character.

100% natural. This craft beer originated in one of the oldest breweries in Belgium. The “Brasserie du Marché” (Market Brewery) in Braine-L’Alleud (Waterloo). Which was founded in 1456. In 1815, the forces allied against Napoleon drank this beer, which was recognised for giving “Strength” and “Courage”, during the battle of Waterloo. Its triple-fermentation old-style brewing from delicately selected malts. And hops gives this beer a powerful, spicy taste…To be drunk in moderation!

A Family Tradition

One hundred years ago, settling in Belgium in 1909, the famous British master brewer John Martin said : «only connoisseurs can appreciate beers like mine».

For a century now, three generations of “The Finest Drinks Company” have offered a fabulous voyage into the world of truly amazing drinks. Today, every second, day and night, two of our finest beers are savoured by lovers of finest Ales somewhere in the world !

Thanks to a unique blend of English tradition, Belgian savoir-faire and a hint of daring, our special beers are treasures that we just want you to discover !

Timmermans Brewery

A family tradition. And one that has been perpetuated for more than 300 years going all the way back to 1702 when Timmermans started brewing Gueuze Lambic in Itterbeek. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Brussels. At the time, the brewery was known under the name of ‘The mole brewery’.

Today, Timmermans that has been part of the ‘Finest Beer Selection’ of Anthony Martin since 1993, has succeeded in retaining its authenticity. And expertise while simultaneously benefiting from the unique expertise of ‘Martin’s Finest Beers Selection’.

Waterloo Strong Kriek 8°

Available at: http://store.belgianshop.com/geuze-lambic-fruits/1900-waterloo-strong-kriek-8-13l.html


Waterloo Strong Kriek 8°

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