Torpah 90 6°

Torpah 90 6°
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Torpah 90 is brewed with Chinook, a hop from Idaho (North-west of USA). This hop has a very high alpha acidity, which will give a strong bitterness to Torpah 90. Regarding the aromas, you will fell the mix of zesty flavors, especially grapefruits, which will provide a great and lasting taste in mouth.

Torpah is a range of 3 single hop beers, each made from a unique and singly type of hop, hence the name. That’s why it’s a single hop. The 3 hop varieties selected come from 3 different continents and bring a large variety of flavors directly linked to the characteristics of the land of those countries: United States (Chinook) New-Zealand (Wai-ti) France (Aramis). The declinations of Torpah, 30 – 60 – 90, refer directly to the IBU (bitterness index) present in each of those beers. This induces you to taste them all to see the progressive intensity of the bitterness and the work that has been achieved around each hop.


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